Under A Red Moon


Under A Red Moon (2008)

Jonathan and Anna Dunne lead a perfect life that is ripped to pieces when their son, Luke, dies of a drug overdose. In the aftermath of this personal tragedy they are struggling to maintain their floundering relationship. When an intruder breaks into their home, Jonathan and Anna are forced to confront the past events which have led to their emotional separation. This is a film with wide appeal that explores the vulnerabilities of the human condition. Through Jonathan and Anna’s story, the film looks at relationships, families and the emotional toll of problems caused by drug use.

Primary Production Companies: White Hot Productions
Executive Producers: Ian Kirk, Denise Roberts
Producers: John Chase, Francisco Enrique Cordeiro, Denise Roberts
Director: Leigh Sheehan
Colorist: Dee McClelland
Writers: Andy Cox, Michael Gillet
Cast: Maria Angelico, Jane Badler, Kristy Barnes-Cullen, Ditch Davey, Andre de Vanny, Maggie Miles
Format: Feature Film
Genre: Drama