Circle of Lies


Circle of Lies (2012)

The first day of a new school year and Denise is back, much to the annoyance of her classmate Kirsty. Centre of attention Kirsty, rules “the exclusives”, the ultra-cool kids in school. Kirsty has a new mission this year, to destroy Denise. Stealing Denise’s boyfriend, ruining her reputation and turning the school – in fact the whole of Short Beach – into a wild rumour mill. – Kirsty will stop at nothing to be the most popular girl at Short Beach High. The Short Beach kids never let the truth get in the way of a good story and Denise is going to learn some tough lessons about life. It’s friend versus friend, girl versus boy, fact versus fiction; all thanks to a night that changed their lives forever. To make the grade, you have to make a stand.

Primary Production Companies: Circle of Lies
Executive Producers: Ian Kirk, John Kearney, Stuart Quin
Producers: Scott Herford, Steve Jaggi, Liz Shute, Kieran Cato
Director: Matt Cerwen
Editor: Sophie Dick
Colorist: Warren Eagles
Post Production Editorial Department: Soren Jensen
Writer: Scott Herford
Cast: Hilary Caitens, Ryan Harrison, Anna Lawrence, Stephen Multari, Karina Banno, Luke Webb
Format: Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Services: Colour Grading, Editing, Mastering - Prep for Cinema, DVD, Blu-Ray, NetFlix & VOD, OnLine Editing
Distributors: Accent Film Entertainment, Warner Bros.