The Sunset Six


The Sunset Six (2013)

Riff is a faded rock star. A sex addicted, alcoholic wash up who hasn’t written a good song in twenty years. His new outfit, The Sunset Six believes him when he says his back catalogue of new hits is on its way. But its not. Oops.The surprise offer of a record deal awkwardly reveals there is in fact, no songs and as evidence of his appalling behavior begins to mount, Riff’s tenuous grip on leading his new band to fame and fortune begins to unravel. The Sunset Six is a rock’n’roll comedy about a band’s rocky road to musical heaven.

Primary Production Companies: White Hot Productions
Executive Producers: Ian Kirk, Shaun Miller
Producer: Don Linke
Director: Jeremy Sanford
Writers: Jeremy Sanford, Max Dann
Cast: Greg Stone, Jamie McDonald, Kiki Courtidis, Rachael Tidd, Lulu McClatchy, Molly Meldrum
Format: Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Service: Colour Grading
Distributor: Titan View